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Actress Photo Download

Actress Photo Download
Zoe Tay Hui Gek (Chinese: 郑惠玉; pinyin: Zhèng Huìyù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tēⁿ Huī-gio̍k; born 10 January 1968) is a Singaporean actress in MediaCorp and previously a model. She is known in the media as the "Queen (Ah jie) of Caldecott Hill"[1] and the "Thousand-Faced Lady".[2]
Zoe Tay was born to farming parents, their second-youngest child. During her childhood, her family lived in Lim Chu Kang. She entered the now defunct Kay Hua Primary School and later Yuan Ching Secondary School for her secondary education. She also studied at VITB (Baharrudin) A tomboy in her youth, she enjoyed football, climbing trees, and bicycle racing.[3]
Tay became a model at the age of sixteen. She was first groomed at IMP International and by David Gan in 1986. During her modeling stint, she became the 1987 Model of the Year. In 1988, she joined the first biennial talent-search competition, Star Search which was organised by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp) and emerged as the first Star Search champion.
[edit] ActingTay did not enjoy acting in the early part of her career, desiring to become a production assistant instead.[4] But in 1991, she was given a role in Crime and Passion as a simple village girl who was torn between two men. It was through this role that she found herself appreciating the life of an actress. Her first television serial was My Fair Ladies, broadcast in 1988, in which she appeared with other winners from Star Search, Jazreel Low and Aileen Tan.
Tay played many characters in several period and contemporary dramas. In 1990, she became the first local star to be featured in Lux commercials. After being the Lux girl, further product endorsements came to her, making her a favorite star in Singapore's entertainment industry.
Her breakthrough came in 1991 when she was cast as a materialistic and malicious woman in the television series Pretty Faces. She set a record when over a million viewers tuning in for the episode where her character, Bobo, was raped. The role won her many accolades and critical compliments. It was nominated as one of the most memorable roles in the Star Awards in 2003.
In 1993 Tay performed with Li Nanxing in The Unbeatables, a serial that focused on gambling. At her peak, there was widespread agreement in the media industry that putting Zoe Tay's picture on the cover would revive the plummeting sales of any magazine.[3]
Tay has maintained a consistent placement among the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in the annual Star Awards, an award ceremony for TV personalities, since its inception in 1994. She also clinched the Best Actress Award in Star Awards 1996 for her performance in Golden Pillow. Her portrayal of a modern career woman in Home Affairs also earned her a nomination for Best Leading Actress at the Asian Television Awards 2000.
In the 1998 Star Awards, she was awarded the Special Achievement Award for her illustrious career and contribution to the local media scene for the past 10 years. She gave an emotional speech, in which she wept when she thanked her father who had just died not long before the ceremony. In the same year, she released her first solo album to commemorate her 10th year in show business.
Tay was voted in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists for the tenth consecutive year in 2003. Hence, in the 2004 Star Awards, she was awarded the All Time Favourite Artiste, together with Li Nanxing and Chew Chor Meng. This award was awarded to artistes who have been able to get into the Top 10 most popular actress/actors for 10 times. Tay is the first actress to achieve this prestigious award.
Tay is also the first local female artist to launch a coffee table book, Zoe's Pictorial, in 1995, which portrayed her in a variety of poses, including sexy, demurely alluring, or glamorous and stylish.
In 2007, i-weekly magazine listed the Top 9 drama serials with the highest viewership over 25 years (not to be confused with the annual viewership list in which Huang Bi Ren achieved 7 top viewership drama serials out of 11). 5 out of the 9 drama serials had Zoe as the lead actress.
[edit] Film debutIn 1999, Tay started to venture out into films. Her first role, in the film Liang Po Po directed by Jack Neo, was to star as herself. 2001 was a memorable year for her, as she was given the main lead actress role in the film The Tree, in which she portrayed a mother suspected of murdering her husband. Other actors who starred in this film are the Golden Horse Best Actor Francis Ng and local actress Phyllis Quek.
Tay has contributed to charity organizations by performing in a large number of charity fund-raisingbenefits.
[edit] Recent yearsZoe Tay (who is married to Lieutenant Colonel Philip Chionh,[5] a professional fighter pilot in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and RSAF Black Knights) gave birth to her first baby, a boy named Brayden, on 24 February 2005 at Thomson Medical Centre. During her pregnancy, Tay shifted her career focus from acting in films and serials, and hosted several educational programs aimed at pregnant women.
In early December 2005, she had her first situation-comedy role since her pregnancy, Lady of Leisure, opposite Singaporean actor, Edmund Chen. In this serial (broadcast on 29 April 2006), she portrayed a fashionable and modern woman who was once a magazine editor. This was followed by A Million Treasures (百万宝), which was the 3rd highest viewership drama in 2006.
In October 2007, Zoe's 2nd child, also a boy, was born. The birth of her second baby Ashton was generally kept low-profile as compared to the birth of her first baby.
Though Tay was tipped a hot favourite to win the My Favourite Actress award in the Star Awards 25th Anniversary Drama Show held on 9 December 2007, she lost the coveted award to fellow colleague and good friend Huang Biren. Although Zoe did not win the award, she took it easy, saying that Huang Biren deserved the award through her recent years of good drama serials. Despite this, Tay still managed to win 3 other important awards during Star Awards 25th Anniversary Drama Show. These awards are 'Top 5 Most Memorable Characters (Bobo in Pretty Faces)', 'Top 5 Most Popular On-screen partner (with Li Nanxing)' and the 'Screen Sweetheart of the 90s'. "The Unbeatables", which she starred in was voted as 'Top 5 most popular drama' too.
In 2009, Tay starred in The Ultimatum, opposite one-time rival Fann Wong and actor Li Nanxing. The drama received lukewarm ratings for its unenchanting storyline. While Zoe Tay was nominated for the best actress at the Asian Television Awards, she was snubbed at the local Star Awards and was criticised by audiences and the local media for her severe wrinkles and crow's feet in the series which was shot under high definition.
In 2010, Tay was supposed to act in a role of Unriddle, but was turned down due to an unplanned pregnancy. The Unriddle role was played by Chen Liping instead for both seasons. It may also be partly due to her new role in a film Love Cuts.
Tay made her comeback appearance recently in Devotion, a 2011 anniversary drama, playing a heartwarming woman who adopts 5 children and misses her sweetheart, played by Chen Hanwei, for many years before they reconcile. She later acted in 2012 drama Double Bonus, where she acted two roles, one a bullied daughter-in-law who is barren and cannot give birth to sons, the other a deity who is possessing her acting role. This drama is her breakthrough drama, together with international artiste Tom Price.

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